We designed this light-weight platform to provide downward looking high-resolution imaging from an orbital or aerial vehicle for: 

  • National Security and Intelligence

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Early Forest Fire Detection

  • Geo-spatial Monitoring

  • Climate Observation

Rethinking the design of traditional optical flight-packages we reduced launch-mass, bulk-size, and on-board thermal degradation without sacrificing resolution. 


Aerospace Imaging

Design by the Numbers

We kept the large aperture size for imaging performance while exploring new concepts in order to reduce launch-limiting size and weight. The platform is made from space-flight proven meta-materials for rapid production.

  • Flight-Ready Package

  • Spaceflight Proven Materials

  • Thermally Stable Image Performance

  • Minimal On-Orbit Calibration

  • No Dynamic Mechanical Failure Points

Mass: Up to 100 times lighter than traditional flight packages                                  

Aperture Size: 0.54 meters                     

Package Height: 3.5 times smaller than traditional optical instruments

Wavebands: 1.2 - 4.8 microns

Geostationary Orbit Ground Resolution: 200 meters

Innovating the Flight Package

Simulated Downward Aerial Imagery