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HartSCI at the 2018 AMOS Conference

Date: September 2018

The presentations from HartSCI's attendance at the 2018 AMOS conference can be found below.  

For additional inquiries into our product development and capabilities we may be reached by email customerservice@hartsci.com or by phone at 885-942-7872.

Small Business Innovation Research Award Developments

Date: July 2018

HartSCI is pleased to announce the award of three separate Phase II SBIR/STTR contracts by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Directed Energy Directorate. The awards encompass the deployment of an adaptive optics system, the construction of a compact 20-watt sodium guide star laser, and the implementation of novel technology for high-speed optical wavefront measurement with high sensitivity.

All of this work will support the Directorate's mission to provide high resolution and high contrast imaging capabilities to the US Air Force for Space Situational Awareness and in later stages the broader academic, defense, and industry communities. Each of these programs will see the first deployment of key innovations including newly patented technologies in wavefront sensing and stable single-frequency semiconductor lasers.

HartSCI’s Image Restoration Technology Recognized by the Air Force Research Laboratory

Date: February 2018

HartSCI has been recognized by the AFRL SBIR program for key advances in the Air Force's capability for high-fidelity daylight imaging of satellites. HartSCI’s innovative image restoration technology enhances the Air Force mission to provide continuous space situational awareness under challenging conditions in support of critical national security objectives.

The full article can be found by following the link below.

HartSCI at the 2017 AMOS Conference

Date: September 2017 

HartSCI saw great success at this years Advanced Maui Optical Space Surveillance Technologies Conference (AMOS). Several of its team members gave talks and poster presentations and produced four separately published conference proceedings. 

Small Business Innovation Research Awards

Date: June 2017


HartSCI has been awarded three separate Phase I projects, two SBIR programs and one STTR. Under these awards, HartSCI will develop an adaptive optics system, investigate the unique value of a three-sided pyramid wavefront sensor, and explore the miniaturization of sodium guide star lasers. 

The adaptive optics system will be designed to operate as a general purpose unit on 1-meter class telescopes. Additionally, the pyramid wavefront sensor will explore the sensitivity gain to be expected from the sensor's unique geometry.  The guide star laser project will be carried out in partnership with the University of Arizona. It uses VECSEL technology and will offer scalable power in a design with very small mechanical footprint.

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