Adaptive Optics,

Real-time Abberation Correction

Images taken through the atmosphere blur important scene details that can be restored by adaptive optics. We've been at work making deployable adaptive optic systems for:

  • Astronomical Imaging

  • Space Situational Awareness

  • Downward High-Resolution Imaging

  • Lateral Propagation 

  • Interferometry Concepts

  • Communications Wavefront Control

Dynamic Complexity Made Simple

  • Adaptation to New and Existing Facilities 

  • Wide Wavelength Acceptance Ranges

  • Dynamic Turbulence and Intensity Ranges

  • Turn-Key Facility Operations 

Adaptive Optics has been around for a long time, but its use is highly specialized and restricted to custom task specific systems. Our design mantra is making something that is robust and easy to use. At a glance we're enabling:

High Fidelity Imaging and Wavefront Control

  • High Contrast Imaging for Dim and Closely Spaced Objects

  • Real-time Detail Restoration 

  • Optical Beam Control

Adaptive Optics provides real-time wavefront correction over visible and near-infrared bands to provide: