HartSCI's ground-based methods produce high resolution images of spacecraft for both daylight and terminator observations. Imaging through the blue sky in the day means that on-demand surveillance of high value low-earth orbit assets is tractable and the direct imaging of sun-synchronous objects is becoming a reality.

Daylight High-Resolution Satellite Imaging  

Hubble Space Telescope Ground Imagery

Beyond Adaptive Optics 

  • Passive Faint Object Imaging

  • Diffraction Limited Resolution

  • Imaging through Extreme Turbulence

  • Increased On-Sky Coverage

  • 24/7 Access to Satellite Passes

Our innovative daylight imaging methods, now being deployed at two separate Air Force sites, push past previously limiting factors such as the turbulent atmosphere to return unobscured images. Our methods enable:

Our technology  works both with and without adaptive optics. Further innovations are now pushing our technique to resolve faint high value targets using daytime laser guide star adaptive optics and the observing regime is being pushed to solar synchronous objects. 

R&D Optical Testbed
R&D Optical Testbed