Automated Space Surveillance,

Astrometry, and Orbit Determination

Our algorithms provide automatic astrometry and photometry of satellites, asteroids, and space objects from the ground. This approach works passively without  concern for field of view, aperture size, or wavelength. 

  • Automatic Astrometry and Orbit Determination

  • Operates with Field of View as low as 6 arcseconds

  • Works from Visible to Infrared

  • Usable Across Aperture Sizes

Precision Astrometry Orbit Determination

Starting from first principles, we redesigned the standard approach to astrometry, at AEOS, removing the time consuming obstacles that lead to the need for human intervention and sensor calibrations resulting in 90% improvement in observational efficiency.

Increasing On-Sky Observational Efficiency

  • No Separate On-Sky Calibrations

  • Insensitive to Sensor Errors

  • Fully Automated Astrometry