Adaptive Optics,

High-Resolution Imaging,

& Innovative Optical Technologies

Controlling Optical Propagation

Nature isn't kind when light passes through the assortments of media our terraqueous globe provides. Both outwardly propagated and collected photons are disrupted by the dynamic turbulence between source and sensor. Given the information encoded in optical capture and the promise of new technologies from controlling outward propagation, the worlds of  defense, academic, and commercial entities rely on optical sensing and the information provided and are now allured by the promise of future technology innovations now becoming reliant on optics. 

HartSCI as an R&D-house is developing and has created several innovative technologies and algorithms to provide high-resolution imaging, wavefront detection and control, optical capture, and information extraction for use in the defense, scientific, and commercial communities. 


Without Adaptive Optics
With Adaptive Optics

Astronomical Adaptive Optics 

Wavefront Sensing

Innovative Optical Design

Looking laterally over large distances is stopped by the effects of the turbulent and boiling atmosphere.

Image Restoration

Space Surveillance

Astronomical Adaptive Optics

The atmosphere overhead blurs important features which can be restored in real-time with adaptive optics.

Space Surviellance 

Adaptive Optics enables large aperture telescopes to image satellites on-orbit from the ground.

Wavefront Sensing Development

New Sensing Technologies

Wavefront sensing drives adaptive optics but is limited in capability. We've been hard at work developing unique wavefront sensing methods. 

High-Resolution Imaging

Adaptive Optics has limitations in use that technology hasn't yet addressed. We have developed novel high-resolution techniques to fill this void.

Imaging Past the State of the Art